Montbell UL Folding Pole

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Product Description

The poles are ultralight and fold up into a compact size. The grips are designed to be longer, so you can adjust where you hold them. Offered in two sizes -- select the one that best fits your height. The poles come with semicircle-shaped baskets that will not interfere when folding the poles up.


Size: 113cm
Weight: 147g (157 with point protector)
Compressed size: 37cm
Size: 120cm
Weight: 152g (162g with point protector)
Compressed size: 40 cm

Technical Systems

Folding System 

Folds up to an extremely compact size that can easily be stowed away in a daypack.


Product Information (38-120)

Since this product is designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible, it is made using extremely lightweight materials. As a result, this product's intended use is for maintaining balance and not for supporting body weight.