Picking the right Montbell Hiking Pole for your next outdoor hiking adventure

Picking the right Montbell Hiking Pole for your next outdoor hiking adventure

Trekking poles are a vital companion for any hiker – offering stability, support, and comfort on long hikes or challenging terrain. At Montbell, we take pride in our range of trekking poles, designed to make sure you can find your perfect match.

Choose your perfect pole

Check out our guide below for a great understanding of your hiking pole options. Want an even closer look? We’ve got a 6 minute video guide if you’d rather watch and listen.

Montbell Anti-Shock Poles: Reducing Impact, Enhancing Comfort

For those seeking extra comfort, our range of Montbell Anti-Shock Poles are the way to go. Featuring a built-in spring mechanism, this pole absorbs the impact of each step, reducing strain on your elbows and joints.

Whether you're traversing rocky terrain or pounding the trails, you'll notice the difference in comfort with our Anti-Shock Poles.

Montbell Alpine Camlock Pole: Effortless Adjustability

Looking for hassle-free adjustments? The Alpine Camlock Pole utilises a simple mechanism that requires only your finger strength to lock it in place.

While it may not offer the same level of security as other locking systems, it's ideal for quick adjustments on the go. Plus, its versatility extends beyond trekking, making it a handy tool for setting up lightweight tents.

Montbell Carbon Poles: Lightweight Performance

For the ultimate in lightweight performance, look no further than our Carbon Poles. Crafted from carbon fibre, these poles offer significant weight savings without compromising on strength.

Whether you opt for the screw lock or carbon lock system, you'll appreciate the feather-light feel of our Carbon Poles on your next adventure.

Montbell Photo Pole: Capture Every Moment

Calling all photography enthusiasts! Our Photo Pole is designed with you in mind.

With a built-in camera mount concealed within the handle, you can easily capture stunning shots without compromising on stability. Plus, its extended length makes it perfect for capturing panoramic views or time-lapse sequences.

Montbell T-Grip Pole: Support for Every Step

Dealing with joint issues? Our T-Grip Pole offers an ideal solution.

With a shorter shaft and ergonomic T-grip handle, it's designed to minimise strain on your joints while providing reliable support on your trek.

Montbell Two-Way Grip Pole: Versatility at Its Finest

Experience the best of both worlds with our Two-Way Grip Pole. Combining the stability of a T-grip handle with the versatility of a sport handle, it's perfect for a variety of hiking styles.

Plus, with its anti-shock feature, you can enjoy a smoother, more comfortable trekking experience.

Montbell Lightweight Pole: Convenience On-the-Go

Travelling light? Our Lightweight Pole is your go-to option.

Compact, portable, and quick to deploy, it's perfect for minimalist adventurers who prioritise convenience without compromising on quality.

For those into Ultralight trekking this is your hiking pole!

Get your hiking poles now - and be ready for what tomorrow brings

Whether you’re looking for comfort, lightweight performance, or versatility, there's something for everyone with Montbell Australia’s trekking poles. If you’ve still got questions - no problem, we’re here to help. Have a chat with the online team in the chat pod in the bottom right of your screen.

If you want to get your hands on them (and why wouldn’t you?!) - come visit one of our stores ( Kent St Sydney, Chatswood & Collaroy), check out the range for yourself and meet with our experts.

Find your perfect trekking companion today and be ready for your next adventure with confidence!

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