Did you know that your feet can sweat up to half a pint per day? Your feet will sweat even in cold weather, especially when you are wearing waterproof footwear. 

A good pair of socks will manage the moisture that is being produced and will also absorb the shearing motion between your foot and the boot.

Merino wool is an excellent material to deal with the sweat and it's antibacterial nature means that you can get a few days wear out of a single pair without discomfort. Merino wool socks need to contain some synthetic material to increase durability and maintain elasticity. 

We stock four different thicknesses of sock so you can choose the perfect pair for the way your boots fit.

Our Travel socks are thin and light enough to wear on a day to day basis with regular shoes or trainers. 

Our Walking Socks have specific areas of padding around the heel and the toe. They are perfect for a lightweight pair of hiking shoes or boots.

Trekking socks are much more substantial than the walking socks with a luxurious pile. They are suitable for heavy duty hiking boots or footwear which fits less closely.

The Alpine socks are really thick and soft and feel really comfortable. They are ideal for apres ski boots or really heavy footwear like gumboots. They are really nice just wear around the house.