Montbell Mens Crag Stepper

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Weight: 0.892 kg

Shoes for any weather with excellent durability. These shoes can be used in a wide variety of situations, such as approach shoes, hiking, strolling through nature or even while camping. The upper is made usingGORE-TEXfabric, which boasts the worlds highest level of waterproof breathability. Covering the scuff-prone front foot area and heel with 1.6 mm thick suede leather provides just the right level of firmness and an outstanding resistance to wear and tear. The area from the toes to the heel is strengthened with a rubber rand, further improving the shoes durability. The outer sole is designed for climbing in rocky areas and the height difference between the heel and the toes is minimal, having a flat design.


Weight: 446g(25.5cm1/2 pair)
Size: 24.0, 24.5, 25.0, 25.5, 26.0, 26.5, 27.0, 27.5, 28.0, 28.5, 29.0