Montbell UL Comfort System Air Pad 120

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This is the most compact sleeping mattress of all the sleep mats we carry! 120cm is short for a sleeping pad but if you put your pillow on the ground above the pad it will comfortably cushion your whole body down to below your hips.

It's an inflatable design which works well with our pump bag but it can also be easily blown up by lung power. An inflatable sleeping pad packs away really small and it's very lightweight but these are not warm enough for cold conditions.

The baffles reduce the required volume of air making it easier to inflate and they help to stabilise the pad for comfortable sleeping.

The beautiful Montbell design includes a strap which can be used to hold a pillow in place and doubles as a strap keep it rolled up tightly when it's packed away.

This pad is ideal for lightweight hiking in summer conditions as it will significantly reduce the weight of your pack but still deliver a huge 7cm of comfort from the ground.


Material: 30-denier rip-stop polyester
Weight: 367g (376g - weight with stuff bag)
Inflated size: L120 x W50 x Thickness 7cm
Compressed sizes: 9 x 20 cm
R-Value: 1.4 (Summer)