Montbell Dry Bag Tube 30L

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Nothing is worse than wet gear. The Montbell dry tube bag series will keep your gear dry and allow you to have a more pleasant trip. These bags are made out of cutting edge materials with welded seems. This bag features a round bottom for supreme water resistance. Secure the bag using the buckles & belts on both sides for even stronger water resistance, or simply fasten the buckles near the closure. Stuff the bag let the air out and fold the top fabric together three or four times and your equipment is safe and most importantly dry!


Material: Polyester Tarpaulin


15 L: Weight: 260 g, Size: 24 x 48 cm (in-use size)

20 L:Weight: 335 g, Size: 24 x 59 cm (in-use size)

30 L:Weight: 405 g, Size: 30 x 60 cm (in-use size)

40 L:Weight: 450 g, Size: 35 x 62 cm (in-use size)