Montbell Light Dry Bag 20L

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Nothing is worse than wet gear. The Montbell light dry bag series will keep your gear dry and allow you to have a more pleasant trip. The Light Dry Bag series is constructed out of a durable but lightweight 70-denier nylon coated with a full Polyurethane coating. When weight is critical on your next trip the Light Dry Bag series will surely be a trusted companion.


Material: 70-denier nylon (urethane coated)


5 L: Weight: 90 g, Size: 25 x 40 cm

10 L: Weight: 120 g, Size: 30 x 50 cm

15 L: Weight: 150 g, Size: 35 x 60 cm

20 L: Weight: 170 g, Size: 35 x 73 cm