Montbell Seamless Down Hugger 900 #2 Long

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Description Since 1975, Montbell has been innovating and creating better outdoor sleeping experiences with our sleeping bags. The Seamless Down Hugger series came about when we asked ourselves “How can we improve the down's ability to insulate?" When fully lofted, down traps air which provides insulation. The more air in the sleeping bag, the better it insulates. We began scrutinizing the elements of the sleeping bag that affect lofting ability. An idea proposed was to eliminate the baffles. Without baffles, the down would be unhindered and could loft to its fullest potential. But baffles prevent down from shifting and developing cold spots. Our next hurdle was developing a baffle replacement. Mother Nature provided inspiration and we developed a specialized thread called Spider Yarn. By placing a web-like layer of polyester yarns throughout the bag, we created a system that traps down and holds it in place. The "Spider Baffle System" was successful in maintaining a set amount of down, though a majority of the down is still able to move freely inside the bag. Although we’ve eliminated most of the exterior sewing lines, the interior features gathered quilts and elasticized stitching to promote comfort. By designing the sleeping bag in this way we’re able to reduce the amount of down used in the sleeping bag while maintaining the same thermal profile. This reduces some weight and provides a better value to our customers. Material Shell & Lining: 7-denier Ballistic Airlight nylon Spider Yarn: 100% Polyester Specs Insulation: 900 Fill Power EX Down DWR: Standard DWR treatment Compressed size: 15 x 30 cm ISO TESTED: 32 / 0℃ (Comfort), 21 / -6℃ (Lower Limit) Max User Height: 6 ft 6 in / 198 cm Shoulder Girth: 63 - 82 in / 160 - 208 cm Knee Girth: 53 - 69 in / 134 - 174 cm Spider Baffle System (Patent pending) Inner: Super Spiral Stretch System (US. Patent NO. 7,900,301) Two way right hand zipper (59 in / 150 cm) Anti-snagging slider cover Neck Baffle Hood Adjuster (Draw cord for face hole adjustment) Draft Tube (covering the zipper to shut out cold air) Auto Locking Zipper (to limit zipper ”slip” during the night) Triangle Gusset (Reinforcement at the end of the zipper) Storage / laundry net sack included Stuff sack included (Tapered, bias stretch stuff sack for easier packing)