Montbell UL Comfort System Camp Pad 38 150

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This series of self-inflating, foam sleeping pad comes in two different thicknesses, allowing you decide on how much cushioning and insulation you need. This series of pads keep you cushioned from bumps and rocks in the terrain below you and prevent cold ground from turning your night into a sleepless one. This series is well suited for winter expeditions and cold nights in spring and autumn. 60cm width for those that move around in your sleep or need the extra width.

The shorter 150cm length is long enough to provide excellent support under your body if you secure a pillow above the mat using the included belt.


Material: 30-denier rip-stop polyester
Weight: 890g (911g - weight with stuff bag)
Size: L150 x W60 x Thickness 3.8cm
Compressed sizes: 18 x 30 cm
R-Value: 4.9 (Winter)