Montbell Alpine Carbon Pole Anti Shock

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The first thing you notice about this pole is how light it is! At less than 200g it's more than 100g lighter than the full aluminium Alpine Pole Antishock.

This lightness is achieved by careful selection of materials for every element of the pole.

The shaft is multi layered with a lightweight 7001 aluminium core wrapped in carbon fiber. This creates a super lightweight shaft that still maintains the rigidity of full aluminium construction.

The handle is milled from a lightweight foam which feels soft to the touch and won't get slick with sweat.

The strap made from a sturdy mesh that is lightweight without compromising comfort.

The pole has three telescoping sections that allow you to collapse it down to 62cm. The internal screw mechanism is reliable and easy to use, no fiddling required. If you need the pole to be shorter to pack in a suitcase for international travel it is possible to take the three sections completely apart which reduces the length to only 52cm.

The pole comes with a removable rubber point protector thatcoversthe tungsten tip. Remove this when hiking on soft trails for enhanced grip. This point protector can be replaced from our online store if lost.

Available in three colours, the carbon finish looks beautiful and feels smooth. Carbon has the added advantage of not getting really cold to the touch in low temperatures.

Using poles while hiking helps to maintain balance on difficult terrain and also reduces pressure on the knees over a long days walk. The anti-shock system prevents this pressure from just being transferred to the elbows instead.


  • I-shape grip
  • Carbon shaft (7001 extra super duralumin core is wrapped up with carbon fiber)
  • ANTI-SHOCK System
  • Lightweight Cork look-alike Grip
  • Telescoping Adjustment System


Weight:181 g

Country of origin: KOREA

Material: 7001 extra super duralumin/carbon fiber

Usable Length: 41.3"51.2"/ 105130cm

Collapsed Length: 24.4"/ 62cm


Poles are sold as single units, not as a pair.